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    Hundreds of retailers and thousands of products. Shopping online has never been more challenging. Tagg Me curates the top online retailers and selects the perfect products for your unique style.

    Tagg Me selects and partners with online retailers with proven quality and that carry top brands of clothing and accessories. Tagg Me then combines products from a collection of stores allowing you to browse, search, and shop in one simple experience. Tagg Me is unique to you. Out of millions of products, Tagg Me curates a boutique of special products selected just for you.

    Tagg Me shops with you and uses machine learning to stock your personal shop with products you’ll love. Tagg Me collects what you like based on your viewing patterns and purchases when using the Google Chrome Extension to learn your unique style. Your Tagg Me Shop surfaces items specific to you and allows you to further fine tune what you want to see by liking, disliking, and purchasing items from your Tagg Me Shop.

    Users across the world, shopping at the top online retailers, continually uncover the freshest products across all price points, styles, and brands to train the Tagg Me shopping engine.

    I created Tagg Me to make the online shopping experience easier and more personal. I hope you enjoy using it as much as I do!


    Lauren Willian
    Founder of Tagg

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